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Trophies, Products & Prize Money
To continue with last year's tradition, specially designed trophies (by Kracken, kraken-longboards, manufactura Shaper, ) will be handed out to the to first three riders in each category. In Amature and Women's categories the top three riders will receive trophies as well as products offered by ous sponsors. For the Pros category there will prize money allocated as well as the trophies. The amount will be proportional to the number of sign ups and will obey the following rule :

Prize Money = number of pro sign ups * sign up fee * 0.75

I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the rules and regulations governing this competition, and I agree to abide by them in their entirety. I authorize the organizers to take pictures and video during both practice and competition, and to freely use them for post event publishing and distribution. I hold the organizers immune from all liability for injury and damage. I understand that all participants participate at their own risk and are responsible for their own actions and are aware of the dangers and hazards inherent in these activities.




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Roller (Amateur only)  
Skate (Amateur ou Pro)  

We have created packages that consist of:
- registration for all disciplines
- 3 meals
- a T-shirt of the event

however you could also opt for a classical registration of:
- 1 discipline
- 2 disciplines
- 3 disciplines

(please note that for Pro skaters the only possible inscripiton is the pack)

Choose your type of registration :

Pack Roller 55 Euros : 6 disciplines (catégories age/ sex)+ slide contest + 3 meals + 1 T-shirt




Pack Skate Amateurs / female 55 Euros : 3 disciplines (am/female) + slide contest + 3 meals + 1 T-shirt



Pack Pro 110 Euros : Prize Money for the first 8 riders in each discipline ! 3 disciplines (pro) + slide contest + 3 meals + 1 T-shirt



By discipline : (amateur, female ou roller)

T-Shirt 10 Euros :


Choose your disciplines :


Roller Speed Slalom Skate Tight Slalom
Roller Style slalom Skate Special slalom
Roller Special Slalom Skate Giant Slalom
Roller High Jump Skate Slide Contest
Roller Pure Height Jump
Roller Freestyle Jump
Roller Slide Contest

No refunds will be possible

Payement by cheque to: association riderz :


25 Bld Soult 75012

Paris, France

or by paypal :




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